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September 2016 Archives

How child support is determined

Many single parents who have obtained a divorce and who have been awarded primary custody of their children by a Maryland family court receive child support from the non-custodial parent. In some cases, the amount is determined by negotiations between the parties. In others, the court makes that determination based upon state guidelines.

When pedestrians get hit

It has happened to all of us--someone darts from behind a car or suddenly runs into a crosswalk. We slam on our brakes, our heart races and we are thankful for quick reflexes. But some in Maryland are not so lucky. Are you paying attention behind the wheel?

How couples can benefit from a prenuptial agreement

When two people decide to end their marriage, they may be putting their faith in a divorce system that may less than predictable. A Maryland court generally has the power to divide assets in any way that it deems to be fair. However, a prenuptial agreement may provide some predictability as to what happens to assets after a divorce.

Domestic abuse and brain injuries

Just like those who have served in Afghanistan or played professional football, domestic abuse victims in Maryland and around the country may be at risk for brain injuries. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 25 percent of women and 14 percent of men have been severely assaulted by a partner. However, these injuries may go undetected, which may result in behavior issues or memory problems. Changes in mood may also be possible.

Reducing stress for children during a divorce

Many Maryland divorces involve children, and the parents normally want it to be as easy on their children as possible. The process can be highly stressful for all of the people who are involved, and it may be especially so for children. Parents who want to lessen their children's burden can do several different things to help them.