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August 2016 Archives

Valuing a business during a divorce

When Maryland couples decide to end their marriage and one or both of them own a business, it is necessary to find out what the business is worth. A financial professional can make this determination, but depending on the specifics of the situation, there are different ways to approach this.

Sociologists identify seasonal divorce trend

The number of couples filing for divorce in Maryland and around the country may follow a pattern, according to two sociologists. The scientists analyzed divorce data from Washington state, and they found that couples tended to file for divorce far more often in March and August. The results of the study were published on Aug. 21 and will be presented to the American Sociological Association during the organization's annual meeting in Seattle.

Child custody linked to drop in interstate migration

Divorce has been blamed for all manner of social ills in Maryland and around the country ranging from increased juvenile delinquency to soaring rates of substance abuse, and a professor at the University of Connecticut is now speculating that divorce and child custody could be behind a noticeable reduction in state-to-state migration. The rate hovered around 8 percent between 1965 and 2000, but it has fallen sharply since the turn of the century.

The marital home and whether to stay or sell it

When Maryland couples decide to divorce, they will often need to decide who will stay in the home or if they should instead sell it. People who are considering staying in the home might want to take a look at their finances before making the decision.

Unemployment among men may lead to higher divorce rate

Among Maryland different-sex couples where the husband is unemployed, the likelihood of a divorce is higher. A study conducted by a sociology professor at Harvard found that male unemployment was an important predictor of divorce while several other factors traditionally believed to contribute to the divorce rate were not significant.