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The importance of avoiding conflict for divorcing parents

Divorcing parents in Maryland and around the country sometimes become embroiled in bitter and contentious disputes even when they understand that this kind of behavior can have a profound and long-lasting impact on their children. The process can be extremely taxing on both parents and children, and negotiations dealing with delicate matters such as custody and visitation agreements can quickly devolve into heated arguments when accusations begin to fly.

Even childless couples who strive for a quick and amicable divorce can find themselves involved in protracted and ruinously expensive legal battles when they allow their feelings to get the better of them, but divorcing parents may have even more reason to remain pragmatic and keep their emotions in check. The children of divorced couples can thrive in a safe, secure and nurturing environment when their parents take proactive steps to avoid conflict, and one of the best ways to achieve this is to find areas of agreement and focus on clearly defined goals.

Before beginning negotiations, divorcing parents should honestly assess how they have behaved in front of their children to identify the root causes of potentially damaging conflict. Parents who find it particularly difficult to avoid hostility may wish to adopt a more businesslike approach to one another.

Experienced family law attorneys may urge divorcing spouses to avoid conflict and reach amicable settlements whenever possible. They may do this by reminding their clients that court actions can be both costly and time consuming. Attorneys could also point out that leaving the details of property settlements, visitation plans and custody arrangements up to a judge could leave both spouses unhappy with the outcome.

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