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Baby boomers inflate divorce rate

While Baby Boomers on the whole did exceedingly well in the workplace, they did not succeed as much in their personal lives. In fact, even though later generations than the Boomers marry later and stay married longer, the overall divorce rate is around 50% for all marriages. This is primarily due to the Baby Boomers skewing statistics. As the Boomer generation continues to divorce at high rates, people are calling this the "gray divorce revolution."

Why are baby boomer divorce rates so high?

Although Baby Boomer divorce rates were since the Boomers began getting married in the late 1960s and 1970's, they still remain high, despite most Boomers having retired or getting ready to retire. The question is, why?

One possible reason is that the Baby Boomers are the first generation to experience significant increases in lifespan. In 1934, when Social Security was introduced, the average lifespan was 65 years of age. Today, the average lifespan is in the upper 70s. This leads to some possibilities of impact on divorce rates, including:

  1. Couples that never addressed their marital issues while working now have lots of time to do so in retirement.
  2. Women of the Baby Boomer generation are more likely to have worked than their mothers did and have a high degree of financial independence. When retirement comes, they often have a pension or other retirement plan in addition to Social Security. This fact allows them to end their marriage and still maintain a similar lifestyle. In fact, women over age 50 initiate two-thirds of divorces.
  3. Society has changed the way it sees divorce and is more accepting of divorce today than ever before.

Whatever the reason for the higher divorce rates among baby boomers, there is no question these trends are worth monitoring.

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