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June 2016 Archives

Financial planning in case of a later divorce

While most Maryland couples don't want to think that their marriages might end, statistics unfortunately show that there is a real possibility of that happening. It is a good idea for people to plan financially while they are still married so that if the worst happens, they will be prepared and able to move forward.

Baby boomers inflate divorce rate

While Baby Boomers on the whole did exceedingly well in the workplace, they did not succeed as much in their personal lives. In fact, even though later generations than the Boomers marry later and stay married longer, the overall divorce rate is around 50% for all marriages. This is primarily due to the Baby Boomers skewing statistics. As the Boomer generation continues to divorce at high rates, people are calling this the "gray divorce revolution."

Depp and Heard divorce settlement

Maryland residents have probably read some details about the divorce of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard while waiting in the grocery store line. The two actors have called it quits after 15 months of marriage, and there is a lot of speculation about how much money Depp will have to pay Heard to settle the divorce.

Ex-spouse awarded alimony due to I-865 Affidavit

Maryland residents who have an immigrant spouse may be interested to learn that a court ruled that a real estate agent was required to provide alimony for his former spouse despite a prenuptial agreement. There have been several other rulings that similarly agreed that prenuptial agreements did not invalidate the obligation to provide support following a divorce.

The importance of avoiding conflict for divorcing parents

Divorcing parents in Maryland and around the country sometimes become embroiled in bitter and contentious disputes even when they understand that this kind of behavior can have a profound and long-lasting impact on their children. The process can be extremely taxing on both parents and children, and negotiations dealing with delicate matters such as custody and visitation agreements can quickly devolve into heated arguments when accusations begin to fly.

Interstate custody disputes

Even if a divorced parent in Maryland thinks that a custody agreement can be worked out with their ex-spouse personally, it is importantto obtain a child custody order from a judge. If a parent's ex-spouse ever decides to move out of the state, the original child custody order will still be enforceable.