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Obtaining child support in Maryland

There are a large number of children being raised by single parents today as a result of high rates of divorce as well as children being born to parents who were never married. Raising a child is very expensive, and child support can be critical for a single parent.

Before someone is able to receive the support that is needed, paternity must be proven. If a child was born to parents who were married at the time of birth or the father has admitted paternity, it is normally considered established. However, a legal process must be gone through if this is not the case. A child support enforcement office may provide assistance with this process.

People should also be sure to arrange for payments to go through the local officet because records of payments are kept. These records can be helpful in proving that a parent is not meeting the legal obligations to provide support, as well as for a paying parent to prove that the obligation is being met.

Child support can be ordered by a court, or it can be established by a support agreement. These are often made when parents go through through mediation, and they give the individuals involved more control over how the amount. However, if a couple cannot agree to an arrangement, it will be up to the court to decide if it needs to be ordered. A court will generally base its decision on state guidelines, but there is some flexibility allowed in certain cases. If the amount that is awarded subsequently becomes too much for a parent to pay, an attorney can often assist in filing a motion to modify the order.

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