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Keeping costs in check during a Maryland divorce

Some estimates peg the cost of a divorce at $15,000 to $20,000, but this doesn't include the expense of moving to a new place and other incidental amounts. As soon as the marriage ends, the person moving out of the family home may be required to pay two months worth of rent and a security deposit along with anything that a new residence may need. Many are required to pay spousal and child support as well, further increasing their financial burden.

However, there are steps people can take to protect their finances. First, it may be best to retain an attorney who has experience in handling divorces and who will try to resolve the case as quickly as possible if warranted. This can mean not going after the other person's character or using the kids as leverage to get a desired settlement.

People going through a divorce should be willing to negotiate if they want to save money. This may cut back on the amount of time it takes to get a settlement, thereby reducing billable hours. People have to realize, however, that no one gets everything they want in a negotiation, and being greedy could drag out the settlement process longer than it needs to be.

The end of a marriage may be a time when an individual experiences a variety of emotions. However, it may be best to talk with an attorney who can attempt to resolve the matter in a neutral manner. An attorney will sometimes suggest mediation as an alternative to litigation when there are issues remaining after the client has unsuccessfully attempted to reach an accord through negotiations.

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