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Guidelines for using social media during divorce

People in Maryland who are divorcing should be cautious about their use of social media. It can take an emotional as well as a legal toll. During times of stress, it can be easy to forget that other people are posting sanitized versions of their lives. It may be difficult to read about other lives that seem smooth when people are facing their own challenges.

People should avoid giving into the urge to vent on social media. While this can feel satisfying in the moment, it can have unwanted consequences. People should also think about how such venting will appear to their family and community. Parents should consider how it might make their children feel.

Social media might be used as evidence in divorce-related disputes as well. If there is a child custody battle and one parent is tagged in photos that shows them out partying, the other parent might argue that this makes him or her unfit to parent. If one person has asked for lower maintenance payments and then posts photos of what looks like an expensive vacation, this could have negative repercussions. Even though this might not be the full story behind such posts, without context, the photos still have the ability to create problems. During a divorce, people should be particularly careful to protect their privacy.

People who are getting a divorce should try to make decisions that are based on long-term planning and not driven by how emotional they are feeling in the moment. For example, people might want to hold on to the family home and agree to relinquish their share of the retirement account in return, but they end up not being able to handle the mortgage and bills on their own. An attorney may be able to assist a person in making good decisions about property division that will leave them more financially secure.

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