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Parenting plans and summer vacation

Maryland parents who are divorced might have an agreement with each other to alter custody, visitation and even child support obligations in the summer. Depending on the age and situation of the child, summer can be a much busier time with different activities and more social events. The best way to reduce the strain this might introduce into a co-parenting relationship is to plan ahead. Some parents incorporate a minimum notice requirement for telling one another about their vacation plans into their parenting plan.

Even if parents do not have a deadline like this, they should still be sure to include summer vacation in their parenting plan. Parents may find that using either a calendar or a visitation app can help them keep track of changes in the schedule.

Sometimes, miscommunication or honest mistakes happen. Parents should attempt to be cooperative with one another. However, if the other parent is violating the visitation agreement and this cannot be resolved through discussion or mediation, it might be necessary to go to court to deal with the issue.

One reason to work toward cooperation on issues of custody and visitation during the divorce is because the parenting relationship does not end at that time. Until the children are 18, parents will need to continue making adjustments to their arrangements as their children grow up and their needs change. In addition to summer vacation and holidays, parents might also want to consider that what their children want may change as they grow older. While it may be painful for one parent to learn that their child prefers to spend more of summer vacation with the other parent, if possibilities such as this are discussed in advance, it might be easier to deal with these changes.

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