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How to prepare for divorce court

Maryland residents who are facing the end of their marriage may end up in a family law court if one or more divorce legal issues can not be resolved. It can be helpful to prepare in advance for what to expect and what strategies should be used or avoided.

For example, some people may think they should find the most aggressive lawyer possible, but this can backfire. An obstructive lawyer can anger a judge and be expensive for the client. A lawyer should be a good advocate without needlessly prolonging or complicating the case.

People can educate themselves about divorce court proceedings including gaining an understanding of how various dates are set. They can also prepare for the discovery process. This involves having both spouses provide documentation and other information that can range from financial disclosures to psychological evaluations. Failing to provide this information could result in sanctions.

Divorcing parents should avoid dragging their children into the courtroom unless the judge requires it. Doing so is bad for the children and for a person's case. It is also important to remain calm while in court and responding to the judge's questions.

Of course, people should make an effort to compromise and reach an accord before the actual court date. However, there may be situations where a person has little choice but to proceed with litigation. For example, if there is domestic abuse or one spouse is attempting to conceal assets from the other, going to court may be necessary, as could also be the case when the parties are unable to come to an agreement regarding child custody. An attorney can assist a client who is in this type of a situation and suggest strategies that might lead to a satisfactory resolution.

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