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Divorcing individuals may feel conflicting emotions

While Maryland residents expect to be sad or angry when they are going through a divorce, there is a wide range of other emotions that they may feel as well when their marriage ends. Some of these feelings may be surprising, and they may also conflict with each other. People who divorce may feel relieved one moment and sad the next, they may be surprised how much they miss their in-laws and they may miss their married life.

One of the more confusing issues when people go through a divorce is how much their feelings may go back and forth. One moment, a person may be relieved that all the fighting and misery is over. The next, they may regret their divorce.

It's also common for people to miss their in-laws. Just because someone is divorcing a person, it doesn't necessarily mean they have bad feelings about that person's family. Additionally, many people grow to love in-laws and think of them as a part of their family. People frequently miss their married life as well, if only because it was comforting and familiar, whereas their new life is strange and requires getting used to.

It's not uncommon for people to let their emotions get in the way when they are going through a divorce, but it's important that individuals keep a level head when it comes to issues like asset division and alimony. Attempting to rush through a divorce and agree to everything or fighting a spouse tooth and nail over every issue can be detrimental to their finances after their marriage is over. As such, obtaining the assistance of a family law attorney in attempting to negotiate a settlement agreement can often be advisable.

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