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When a noncustodial parent won't pay

Maryland parents who are supposed to receive child support payments may find that a missed payment leads to serious financial challenges in caring for their children. At times, a payment might be missed due to a change in financial circumstances such as a lost job or a long-term illness. However, some parents simply refuse to make the required payments. Reasons for such a decision might range from wanting to use the funds for other activities to trying to create problems for the other parent. However, there are some actions that can be taken to deal with the nonpaying party.

If delinquent payments become a consistent problem, a child support office can assist by enforcing certain legal actions. It may garnish the wages or unemployment benefits of the support-owing parent. It can also withhold funds from workers' compensation benefits. Additionally, both state and federal tax refunds can be intercepted to satisfy any amounts in arrears. Lottery winnings in the state can also be intercepted to satisfy overdue child support payments.

In addition to intercepting funds, a child support office can take steps to impact the professional and personal affairs of the non-paying parent. For example, professional or recreational licensing could be suspended. A passport application or renewal could be denied as well. Negative reports could be made to credit bureaus, and a driver's license could be suspended. If necessary, contempt of court action can also be initiated against a parent who continues to avoid paying their support obligations.

A parent who is facing a serious situation that could lead to difficulties in paying child support might find that legal representation is important. It might be necessary to present facts supporting a change in financial status to the court to obtain a modification of the original support order.

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