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Domestic violence remains a serious problem

More than 2 million people are injured in domestic violence incidents on an annual basis in the United States. The seriousness of the threat of domestic violence in Maryland and around the country can scarcely be overstated. More than 1300 people lost their lives in these types of incidents in 2014.

Experts have been calling for various remedies that might bring the domestic murder rate down, protect people in bad situations before something terrible happens to them and provide legal redress to anyone who has been negatively impacted by domestic violence.

The authorities on the subject stress that this does not only happen to women. Americans of all races, religions, genders and sexual orientations have fallen prey to domestic violence, and the legal remedies are unfortunately often outdated.

It may be wise to file a restraining order against an abusive romantic partner. No matter the specific circumstances of the break up, it is a statistical fact that a substantial number of people are hurt or killed every year by former romantic partners. It can be extremely helpful to diffuse a situation by putting a legally defined distance between two people, as well as preparing the stage for further legal action if it becomes necessary. An attorney may be able to help anyone who needs a restraining order or other protective order to make their case before the court and to obtain legal shelter. Although many people feel that this is a difficult or embarrassing situation, it does not have to be. Sometimes making the boundary clear is enough to put a bad situation to rest, and if the worst should happen and conditions continue to deteriorate, then a violation of a protective order could possibly be used as a reason for incarceration or other intervention against the threatening individual.

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