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Domestic violence mass shootings

While news of certain mass shootings is unavoidable for most people in Maryland, the shocking events that have occurred of late do not make up the majority of mass shooting events in the U.S. Instead, the news is almost silent about the large number of domestic-violence related mass shootings that occur across the country.

Everytown, an organization that is focused on addressing the issue of gun violence and safety, reviewed data from mass shootings involving four or more people between the years of 2009 and 2015. They found that in those shootings, 50 percent of the fatally-injured victims were women. At the same time, women only made up 15 percent of all people killed by guns during the same time span. When they looked at the cause of those mass shootings, the researchers found that a shocking 76 percent of them were related to domestic abuse.

Just in 2015 alone, 300 mass shootings had occurred up through October, many of which involved domestic violence. In those types of shootings, a person shoots their significant other, relatives, children and sometimes even passersby or people coming to help.

It is important for society to take steps to prevent deaths from domestic violence through these types of incidents. In most cases, the abuser starts out with mental or emotional abuse, gradually escalating their behavior over time to physical violence. If the victim fails to leave, the physical violence grows increasingly worse with each incident. It is not just the victim that is in danger. Often, their children are in significant danger as well. For the safety of children, victims of domestic abuse need to get out and get help with their kids. They should make a report to law enforcement and try to go to a shelter that has a protected address. They may want to seek help from a family law attorney to get a restraining order as well.

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