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Child custody and holiday time

When people in Maryland have child custody cases, one of the issues they will need to address is how they will split time with their children during the holidays. Child custody and visitation for the holidays is important to determine since both parents are likely to want to have their child on the same days.

One way holiday parenting time may be handled is assigning each parent alternating years for the holiday. In this type of custody arrangement, each parent will have the child every other year for specified holidays. As the easiest way to address holiday parenting time, this type of arrangement is good for parents who are unable to communicate well.

Some parents who do have good communication with each other instead make arrangements to split time with their child on each holiday. In this scenario, each parent will have the child for a specified number of hours on the holidays so that their child is able to spend time with both parents.

No matter the type of child custody arrangement the parents ultimately have, the best interest of the child is the primary concern. If parents are able to do so, it may be a good idea for them to negotiate an agreement that works best for both them and their child. A family law attorney may be able to facilitate such an agreement for their client through careful negotiation with the other parent. Parents are more likely to reach an agreement if they understand they will likely need to make reasonable concessions. If a child custody case has to go through court, the decisions about child custody and visitation will be left up to the judge's discretion. A parent may be much happier with a child custody and visitation agreement that they negotiate rather than leaving the matter up to the court.

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