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December 2015 Archives

Child custody and holiday time

When people in Maryland have child custody cases, one of the issues they will need to address is how they will split time with their children during the holidays. Child custody and visitation for the holidays is important to determine since both parents are likely to want to have their child on the same days.

Domestic violence remains a serious problem

More than 2 million people are injured in domestic violence incidents on an annual basis in the United States. The seriousness of the threat of domestic violence in Maryland and around the country can scarcely be overstated. More than 1300 people lost their lives in these types of incidents in 2014.

Same-sex couples can face parental rights issues

Maryland residents who are in same-sex relationships and have children may run into a number of problems if they break up. A case in Kentucky that has drawn attention involves a woman who was in a relationship with another woman, and the other woman became pregnant thanks to a sperm donor. The first woman has no biological connection to the child, but she was named on the child's medical records, cared for the child and had a parenting agreement after the couple broke up.

When a noncustodial parent won't pay

Maryland parents who are supposed to receive child support payments may find that a missed payment leads to serious financial challenges in caring for their children. At times, a payment might be missed due to a change in financial circumstances such as a lost job or a long-term illness. However, some parents simply refuse to make the required payments. Reasons for such a decision might range from wanting to use the funds for other activities to trying to create problems for the other parent. However, there are some actions that can be taken to deal with the nonpaying party.

Domestic violence mass shootings

While news of certain mass shootings is unavoidable for most people in Maryland, the shocking events that have occurred of late do not make up the majority of mass shooting events in the U.S. Instead, the news is almost silent about the large number of domestic-violence related mass shootings that occur across the country.