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Things to remember when getting a divorce

When going through a divorce, many people are understandably overwhelmed and frazzled while dealing with strong emotions and changing routines and responsibilities. Maryland residents might need to create a checklist to make sure they do not forget about important details that could arise at the end of a marriage.

The divorce process can take longer and cost more if one spouse suspects that the other is not being honest about finances, so one should collect copies of financial information as soon as possible from the filing cabinet or wherever it is kept. This also matters because one partner may not get a fair deal if the other is hiding assets.

One may need to update personal information so that a spouse does not have access to private matters. One could get a P.O. box for critical mail items like letters from an attorney, and one should also update any accounts one needs sole access to as a partner can open mail if it is still addressed to both parties. Additionally, changing passwords is a smart idea as a spouse might know or be able to guess old passwords. Spending some time considering any potential issues with finances is likely necessary. Making sure that both parties know who is taking care of joint accounts for things like credit cards and bills is also important.

From property division to determining child custody issues, there are a lot of matters to consider when going through a divorce. Keeping track of things may be easier for a divorcing spouse who obtains the advice and counsel of a family law attorney at the outset and throughout the process.

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