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Prenuptial agreements may make sense for many couples

Many Maryland residents associate prenuptial agreements with wealthy individuals seeking to protect their assets. While the nation's media outlets generally only discuss this type of financial arrangement when covering a divorce involving wealthy or famous spouses, there are a number of reasons why couples who are unlikely to find themselves in the spotlight should also consider a prenuptial agreement.

Arguments between married couples about money can become acrimonious and heated, and many of these conflicts are fueled by the kind of fear and insecurity that a prenuptial agreement may be able to put to rest. Family law attorneys may encourage couples to explore their views of money and wealth during prenuptial agreement discussions to uncover previous financial mistakes or missteps and develop a better understanding of their goals and concerns. The couple could then go over the assets being brought into the marriage and vow to make important monetary decisions together.

A lack of openness during prenuptial agreement discussions may be an indication of a lack of trust that could compromise the marriage, and an individual who seeks to conceal money may not be revealing other pertinent information. Prenuptial agreements may be particularly useful for spouses who come into a marriage with financial baggage such as debt or support responsibilities from a previous relationship.

Experienced family law attorneys will likely understand that prenuptial agreements are often a sensitive subject for couples planning to marry. Couples sometimes feel that these conversations could somehow undermine the strength of their commitment or jeopardize their relationship. Family law attorneys may point out that these discussions could help couples to avoid future difficulties by identifying and addressing potentially thorny issues. Attorneys could also explain how a marriage may become stronger when spouses have made a commitment to approach difficult financial issues as a team.

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