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September 2015 Archives

Child out of wedlock does not increase divorce risk

A recent study found that having a child before getting married does not increase the risk of a couple getting divorced later on. Maryland residents who might be in a similar situation and concerned about the risks of divorce might be interested in the findings of the study.

Parental alienation may result in custody issues

As some Maryland residents may know, cases where one parent alienates children from an ex-spouse happen after divorce. A Michigan court took this into account when the judge ordered that three children be held in detention after choosing to not see their father.

Woman denied paternity rights in same-sex divorce

A Maryland judge has said that current state law leaves him with no choice but to rule against the claim of a woman filing for custody or visitation rights following the end of a same-sex marriage. The woman had filed for paternity rights to the child her partner gave birth to six months before the two married. The decision by the Court of Special Appeals on Sept. 2 upheld a ruling of the Washington County Circuit Court.

Prenuptial agreements may make sense for many couples

Many Maryland residents associate prenuptial agreements with wealthy individuals seeking to protect their assets. While the nation's media outlets generally only discuss this type of financial arrangement when covering a divorce involving wealthy or famous spouses, there are a number of reasons why couples who are unlikely to find themselves in the spotlight should also consider a prenuptial agreement.