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Women more likely to file for divorce

Maryland residents may be interested in the fact that, according to researchers, who made a report to the American Sociological Association on a survey titled How Couples Meet and Stay Together, women are more likely to file for divorce than men. However, in non-marital relationships, the divide is about equal between the two genders.

The survey asked questions of 2,262 people in opposite-sex relationships about the status of their relationships between 2009 and 2015. When a couple was married, women filed for divorce 61 percent of the time, and just 31 percent of men initiated a divorce. This study reflects what a number of other studies have, which is that women are far more likely to seek to end a marriage.

Social scientists expected that there would be a higher likelihood of women ending a relationship, whether a couple was married or not, due to a woman's greater sensitivity to the state of a relationship. However, since this is not reflected in non-married relationships, researchers suggest that the difference between relationships and gender equality may explain the difference. They state that non-marital relationships have fewer gender-related expectations, which may account for why men and women are equally likely to end this type of relationship.

When someone gets a divorce, they are likely to have to deal with a number of issues, including asset division, child custody and spousal and child support. These topics can be very contentious, especially since people are likely to have an emotional as well as a financial investment. Understanding how the law determines these issues may help someone have a better chance of obtaining an equitable outcome from a divorce. A lawyer could assist a person with handling their divorce and the subsequent negotiations in court.

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