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August 2015 Archives

Women more likely to file for divorce

Maryland residents may be interested in the fact that, according to researchers, who made a report to the American Sociological Association on a survey titled How Couples Meet and Stay Together, women are more likely to file for divorce than men. However, in non-marital relationships, the divide is about equal between the two genders.

Child support modifications when parents have relocated

It is common for Maryland residents to experience significant financial changes in their circumstances after a divorce and support order have been issued. When a person needs to seek a child support modification to reflect their income changes, a question regarding jurisdiction may arise if one of the parents has moved to a state other than the one in which the support order was issued.

Preparing for a divorce consultation

An individual who is considering filing for divorce in Maryland may want to be prepared in advance of a first legal consultation. Being ready with personal information will minimize the need for having to collect important details later so that a reasonable evaluation of the situation can be made at the outset. During a first meeting, a prospective lawyer will listen as the potential client provides not only these details but also an overview of the situation and their goals.

Social Security benefits available to divorced spouses

A divorce in Maryland can lead to disputes over many issues, including child custody, property division and spousal support. Fortunately, Social Security rights are not affected by the legal wrangling during this stage. Whether a divorce is amicable or not, an individual who was married to their spouse for at least 10 years prior to parting ways could claim Social Security retirement benefits based on the other party's earnings. Even better, the claim does not require any further interaction with that party, and it won't affect their personal benefit.

Same-sex divorce in Maryland

The June 2015 Supreme Court decision that overturned the final legal block to gay marriage also opened the door for divorce among same-sex couples. While in the main this will not be handled materially differently from heterosexual marriages, there are some crucial key differences that will require vetting through case law to resolve properly. This is because many of these situations are not currently countenanced by existing legal precedent, including tax law and child custody considerations.