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Legal considerations to ponder before your wedding day

You may understandably think that the only legal question you need to answer before your wedding day is what you need to do in order to obtain your marriage license. This is understandable because that is really the only legal question that American popular culture tends to feature in movies, television shows, books and media discussions about wedding planning.

However, there are a number of legal questions that you can benefit from pondering and acting upon before you wed. The very act of thinking about these questions and involving your romantic partner in a discussion about them can do wonders in terms of strengthening your union. Thinking about the answers to these legal questions before you wed can spare you stress and even heartache down the road.

For example, it is important for you and your partner to discuss your financial expectations, your assets, income, debt and financial obligations before you wed. You may or may not opt to formalize some of these expectations in a prenuptial agreement. However, the very act of sitting down to draft a potential prenuptial agreement may help you and your partner work out financial matters before they become potential stressors.

In addition, it can be helpful to ponder other legal questions like name changes, changes to your insurance coverage and estate planning matters before the big day. Although you will be legally bound at the moment you both say “I do,” none of these other pressing matters will be completed until you take the time to work through them with your attorney.

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