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July 2015 Archives

After four years, Lambert and Shelton call it quits

Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton, two of country music's most recognizable figures, have been married for four years now. All throughout that marriage, their relationship has been dogged by divorce rumors -- rumors that appear to have come true. The couple filed for divorce recently, and they released a statement requesting privacy during this time.

Planning finances after a divorce

Maryland residents who are contemplating a divorce will at some point have to reevaluate their finances as newly single people. The absence of a spouse will have a significant effect on most people's finances whether or not they were working during their marriage. That's why one of the first things that a newly divorced person should do is to review their income and expenses and create a new budget.

Child support perceptions and progress

There is no question that popular culture and media coverage both play significant roles in the ways that Americans perceive any number of issues. For example, the ways in which the media covers the issue of child support and the ways in which this parenting contribution is played out in popular culture have helped to shape how Americans perceive this reality.

Legal considerations to ponder before your wedding day

You may understandably think that the only legal question you need to answer before your wedding day is what you need to do in order to obtain your marriage license. This is understandable because that is really the only legal question that American popular culture tends to feature in movies, television shows, books and media discussions about wedding planning.

De-stressing your co-parenting relationship - Part II

During our last post, we began a discussion about the stresses of co-parenting relationships. We observed that these relationships can be uniquely stressful for a few simple reasons. First, co-parents are compelled to work together even though the demise of their romantic relationships indicates that working together is not always very easy. Second, the person most affected by the strengths and weaknesses of your co-parenting relationship is your beloved child.