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June 2015 Archives

De-stressing your co-parenting relationship - Part I

Co-parenting can be a uniquely stressful endeavor. Chances are that your child is incredibly precious to you. In addition, chances are that you and your child’s other parent are no longer romantically linked because you have numerous differences and various tensions between you. When you pair the care of your precious child with a challenging relationship with his or her other parent, tensions are almost certain to inflame. After all, your child is worth fighting for and you likely do not need to look far for an excuse to fight with your child’s other parent.

Surprising revelations about the divorce process

If you may be filing for divorce sometime in the future, it is important for you to understand a few surprising revelations about the process. If you are informed about the ways in which the process works, you will be more likely to make the healthiest decisions for your present and your future.

Getting divorced at a young age

If you married young and are choosing to divorce while you are young, you likely understand that there are certain benefits and drawbacks to navigating the divorce process at this time in your life. On the one hand, you may be feeling judged by loved ones and peers for being supposedly “impulsive” or “reckless” with your decisions to marry and/or divorce. On the other hand, you likely understand that you have a great deal of life left to live and you are hopefully set on making the most of your time and experiences.

Positive parenting post-divorce

When individuals allow it to, the divorce process can serve as a catalyst for positive change. In truth, divorce is a process that helps individuals transition from one phase of life to another. Although it can be understandably easy to focus on the grief, anger, frustration and confusion inspired by the end of a marriage, divorce can inspire individuals to lead healthier, happier lives. When individuals who are divorcing are parents, the divorce process can also inspire them to embrace parenthood in healthier and happier ways.