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May 2015 Archives

Thinking about divorce post-infidelity?

Some divorces only occur after couples have contemplated this change and worked to resolve their issues for years. However, other divorces are filed after a single catastrophic event shakes these affected marriages at their foundations. Understandably, many individuals view infidelity as the kind of catastrophic event that inspires a need to divorce the moment that this behavior is either discovered or disclosed.

Divorcing? It is okay to be 'not okay'

American pop culture and marketing tend to play up the idea that all individuals want to live happy, healthy, prosperous and engaging lives. However, everyone experiences days when these adjectives simply do not apply. When tragedy, illness, injury or heartbreak strike, most individuals do not feel happy, healthy, prosperous and engaging. It is important to understand that, in context, it is absolutely okay to be not okay.

Stages that many unhealthy marriages ultimately go through

We have previously written about specific benefits associated with divorce. Although very few individuals enter into a marriage union expecting that they will one day divorce, divorce can ultimately be the healthiest option for some couples. However, it is not always easy to know when divorce is a healthy option and when it may make sense to put more effort into any given marriage.

Is couples counseling likely to work for you?

When spouses begin to experience significant challenges within their marriages, their loved ones are likely to recommend couples counseling. For many Americans, couples counseling offers an opportunity to work through tensions, reconnect and solidify the foundation of one’s marriage. However, it is important to understand that while couples counseling may be truly beneficial for some individuals, it is not the best option for everyone.

Is there a 'worst' child custody option?

No two families operate in the exact same ways. Each family must take its unique structure and characteristics into account when determining what choices are healthiest for the family as a whole and the individuals who make up the family unit. As a result, there is no one “best” or “worst” way to approach parenting. Similarly, there is no one “best” or “worst” way to approach child custody in the event that parents opt to go their separate ways. Each child custody agreement must be crafted with any affected child’s best interests in mind.

Resolving child custody disputes

Ideally, divorcing parents would quietly talk over how best to protect their child and how they can each act in the best interests of the child. As you know, we don't live in that ideal world. Divorcing parents often have disagreements over custody; whether it should be shared or granted to just one parent.