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April 2015 Archives

Building a healthy future after filing for divorce

Building a healthy future for yourself as a single adult begins as soon as you file for divorce. There are essentially two major challenges that you will face in pursuit of this goal during the divorce process. First, you and your attorney must work to ensure that the terms of your divorce settlement will support your healthy future. Second, you must work on a practical level to ensure that you are physically, emotionally, mentally and financially preparing for a healthier future as the divorce process progresses.

Keeping your divorce as straightforward as possible

The challenges associated with divorce inspire a few individuals to spite their spouses. Other spouses are compelled to pursue divorce litigation because they have fundamental disagreements about either child custody matters or property division issues. However, most Americans opting to divorce desire to pursue a process that is as straightforward, inexpensive and low-stress as possible under the circumstances. If you need to pursue litigation, an experienced family law attorney should be able to aid you in this endeavor. However, an experienced attorney can also aid you in pursuing a straightforward divorce if this kind of process is one that you seek.

If your spouse has left you behind

If your spouse has opted to leave your marriage, you may feel shell shocked. You may feel betrayed, angry, lost or grief stricken. As a result of any combination of these feelings, you may have no idea how to pursue your divorce with any kind of focus or intention. It is understandably difficult to navigate a process you have no interest in and perhaps oppose completely. However, for better and for worse, you will need to show up for this process.