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What your kids can learn from your divorce

Parents generally tend to worry about their children. It is practically a biological necessity that they worry. Parents worry about their children getting sick, getting hurt physically and getting hurt emotionally. They worry about their children being spoiled and them being neglected. Divorced parents understandably worry that the divorce process will have a substantially negative effect on their children.

Thankfully, while it is certainly reasonable that divorced parents worry about the effects of divorce, there is little need to worry well into the future. Numerous studies confirm that while children and teens tend to suffer in the immediate wake of divorce, they are just as likely to grow into adjusted, happy adults as children of married parents are. This is especially true if the alternative to a divorced household is a household filled with marital tension.

In addition, children of divorce tend to be resilient and tend to have a broader perspective on relationships. Many children of divorced parents learn about responsibility, self-care, self-love and family in ways that children of married parents simply cannot.

Although your divorce is likely to cause your children and teens grief, it is unlikely to harm them in any significant way. In addition, it may ultimately teach them valuable lessons and afford you the opportunity to parent them in ways that they need to be parented. When you worry about your children, keep these things in mind. By focusing on the potential benefits of your divorce, the negative side effects may not seem so daunting.

Source: The Huffington Post, “3 Major Perks Of My Parents' Divorce (And I Don't Mean Double Christmas),” Toria Sheffield, March 17, 2015

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