Re-Establish a Sense of Control During Your Divorce

Jonathan A. Gladstone

At the Law Offices of Jonathan Gladstone in Annapolis and Glen Burnie, we understand the devastating effects of divorce. You could face changes to your family's living arrangements, your finances and even custody of your children.

Our law firm is directed by Annapolis divorce lawyer Jonathan Gladstone, who possesses 21 years of experience handling complex divorce cases. He can discuss your short-term and long-term goals thoroughly to help you make appropriate decisions.

Dedicated Annapolis and Glen Burnie Divorce Lawyer

We understand that situations related to your divorce can make you feel like your life is spiraling out of control. Our extensive experience with Maryland divorce codes helps us provide comprehensive guidance during your divorce. We partner with our clients to help them re-establish a sense of control during a difficult situation.

Our goal as your Annapolis divorce attorney is for you to reach appropriate decisions. We can evaluate your case from every angle. We can discuss the different legal options available, and how your life may be affected by your choices. We can provide detailed advice on:

Maryland Child Support Attorney

Our state uses the best interests of the child standard for determining divorce issues, such as child support. We can explain Maryland's child support guidelines and how they may affect you financially. We can also discuss specific tax consequences and other issues related to your child support arrangement.

If you or your ex-spouse suffer a significant change in material circumstances, we can help you modify your child support arrangement. Today's changing economic environment and other factors can make it difficult for you or your ex-spouse to maintain support. It is important to discuss modifications with an experienced lawyer, because certain evidence and documentation is required to qualify.

One-Year Separation Requirement

Our Annapolis divorce lawyer possesses sophisticated knowledge of family law. He recognizes the fact that most divorces require a one-year separation. If you are thinking about divorce, and grounds for your divorce do not include vicious or cruel conduct or adultery, then you may be required to form two separate households.

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