Comprehensive Guidance for Divorce Issues Affecting Your Children

Jonathan A. Gladstone

Our Annapolis and Glen Burnie law offices provide comprehensive representation for divorce issues that affect your children. We have extensive experience finding solutions to child custody, visitation and child support issues, having handled hundreds of complex, and sometimes contentious, divorce cases.

Our dedicated team is lead by Annapolis child custody lawyer Jonathan Gladstone. He has 21 years' experience handling cases in divorce court, and possesses sophisticated knowledge of Maryland's divorce codes, guidelines and restrictions.

Under Maryland's equal rights amendment, mothers are not granted automatic consideration for custody. It is important for fathers to know that they have an equal opportunity. The courts also follow a best interest of the child standard when making divorce judgments. Our Annapolis child custody lawyer has represented mothers and fathers and understands both sides of every issue.

Child Support

At the Law Offices of Jonathan Gladstone we can help you determine proper child support arrangements. In Maryland, support is determined by computer programs designed to calculate several factors. However, judges may consider additional factors, including special medical or educational concerns. It is important to consult with a qualified attorney to begin outlining your children's needs and your financial goals.

Custody Basics

Our family law team can help you understand the basics of child custody. We partner with our clients, and believe strongly in fostering open communication. Our goal is to provide personalized representation tailored to your goals.

Child custody typically includes:

  • Legal. This parent makes long-term decisions about religion, school and medical care.
  • Physical. This parent houses the child.
  • Joint/Shared. When both parents can get along, the court will grant shared legal custody. Both parties then make decisions together.
  • Sole. If both parents can't agree, the courts typically give one parent legal custody.

Custody Issues

Parents may not agree 100 percent on every issue involving their child. We can help you and your ex-spouse prevent drawn-out arguments that may affect your children. We can help you establish provisions that would detail how you would break a tie or resolve an argument.

It is important to come up with a plan before court intervention. If you can no longer make decisions together, the court may make a decision that you don't like.

Judgment Modifications

Our Annapolis child custody lawyer can help you modify or change your custody and support judgments. If you or your ex-spouse experience a significant change of circumstances, you may qualify for a change. You can seek a modification for:

  • Lost wages
  • Medical expenses
  • Child care costs

You can't change custody arrangements without first obtaining a modification. Unfortunately, you could face serious criminal consequences. If you are not sure your situation qualifies for a court-ordered modification, please consult our Annapolis visitation lawyer.

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