Wipe Away Debt With Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Jonathan A. Gladstone

At the Law Offices of Jonathan Gladstone, we understand the financial and emotional hardships you may be facing due to debt. Medical bills, mortgage payments, credit card debt and other financial obligations can create serious issues.

Our Annapolis Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer, Jonathan Gladstone, has extensive experience navigating federal bankruptcy codes. With 21 years of experience handling complex bankruptcy cases, he possesses sophisticated knowledge of federal guidelines and restrictions. He can evaluate your financial situation to help determine an appropriate course of action.

Dedicated Maryland Debt Discharge Attorney

Our legal team is dedicated to helping clients pursue consumer bankruptcy debt relief. We understand Chapter 7 regulations and realize qualifying for protection can sometimes be difficult. To qualify, you must meet set financial parameters.

We provide a simple process for determining your eligibility. Your answers on our questionnaire help us to determine whether Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection is right for you.

Chapter 7 Benefits

Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection provides several benefits. Depending on certain factors, you may be able to discharge, or eliminate, most of your debts. The moment you file for bankruptcy protection, you receive an automatic stay against your creditors. This stops creditors from taking any efforts to collect the debt, including harassing phone calls.

Depending on your circumstances, you may be able to keep your home or car. However, if you are behind on other debts, mortgages or car payments, additional steps are required, which can make qualification complicated. It is important to consult with our Annapolis Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer immediately.

Life After Chapter 7

Our Annapolis Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer understands that filing for bankruptcy can seem daunting. In fact, a major misconception about filing Chapter 7 is the thought that you will never again be given credit.

Once you get a Chapter 7 bankruptcy discharge, in most cases you can't receive another discharge for eight years. As you can't file for bankruptcy anytime soon, you could seem attractive for certain creditors, including car loans.

Free Initial Consultation

Don't let your consumer debt burdens spiral out of control. Contact our Annapolis or Glen Burnie offices today 410-777-8228, or send us an e-mail. Our Annapolis Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer is available to discuss your situation.

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