Reorganize Debt With Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Jonathan A. Gladstone

Our Annapolis Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer, Jonathan Gladstone, understands your emotional financial situation. Debt can create serious hardships for you and your family. Depending on your situation, you may be facing foreclosure as a result of your increasing financial difficulties.

The Law Offices of Jonathan Gladstone provides comprehensive, detailed Chapter 13 bankruptcy representation throughout Maryland. Our legal team, led by Mr. Gladstone, possesses sophisticated knowledge of federal bankruptcy codes. We can evaluate your situation, coordinate necessary documentation and attend bankruptcy hearings on your behalf. Our attentive representation can help you navigate the Chapter 13 process.

Chapter 13 Benefits

With 21 years' experience, our Annapolis Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer understands how Chapter 13 works. Our legal team understands the strict financial limitations of Chapter 13 protection. If you qualify, Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows you to establish a debt repayment, or reorganization, plan.

Chapter 13 protection carries a few of the same benefits of Chapter 7. The instant you file for bankruptcy protection you receive an automatic stay — meaning your creditors can't attempt to contact you to pursue the debt. And, depending on several factors, you may be able to save your house from foreclosure under Chapter 13 protection. It is important to contact our Annapolis Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer immediately if you are in any stage of foreclosure.

Chapter 13 Basics

Basically, when you file for Chapter 13, you are proposing a debt repayment plan to the court. The bank will appoint a bankruptcy trustee, and your repayment plan must be approved by the court and trustee for you to qualify.

Our Annapolis Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer can evaluate your situation and help establish a suitable repayment plan. He can help determine how much you will need to contribute each month and how long it will take you — usually within five years. With his guidance, you can feel more confident about your financial obligations.

Foreclosure Issues

Bankruptcy judges can't modify home loans. If you can afford to make your Chapter 13 payments, you may be able to stop foreclosure. However, if you miss any payments after qualifying for Chapter 13, bankruptcy protection may not protect your home.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy carries other complex guidelines. It is important to contact an experienced attorney if you are struggling with mortgage payments. Our goal is for you to achieve maximum bankruptcy protection.

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