Attorney Handling Social Services Investigations Involving Children

Jonathan A. Gladstone

We understand the emotional burdens and social stigmas that can occur when Maryland's Department of Social Services looks into your family life. We understand that you may be facing an investigation based on false accusations of child neglect or abuse.

The Law Offices of Jonathan Gladstone in Annapolis and Glen Burnie can help protect your rights during Social Services investigations. We can review your case from every angle to help you and your family get through the ordeal with minimum side effects.

Our Annapolis Child Abuse Lawyer

Our administrative law team is directed by Annapolis child abuse lawyer Jonathan Gladstone. Mr. Gladstone possesses sophisticated criminal defense and trial experience. He also has a real-world understanding of how state agencies operate, their processes and appropriate procedures. He can evaluate your case from every angle to help minimize the consequences of Social Services investigations.

He can help you navigate the Department of Social Services process. His extensive experience handling child abuse and neglect cases helps him work with social workers to help resolve issues. His goal as your Maryland child neglect attorney is to minimize your criminal consequences — especially in cases with false accusations — and help you through state agency investigations.

Child Registry Issues

The Department of Social Services may seek to put your name on a registry of people who have been found to abuse or neglect children. Your name can remain on this registry for years, preventing you from being permitted to participate in many activities with children.

This registry could affect your ability to:

  • Volunteer as scout master
  • Work at a child daycare facility
  • Coach your child's Little League team

Thorough Case Preparation

With 21 years' experience, our Annapolis child abuse lawyer understands the value of providing thorough case preparation. Guided by Mr. Gladstone, we can talk to witnesses, including your child's pediatrician, teachers and neighbors. We don't jump to conclusions, but inspect the circumstances as they are required. We understand that each case is unique, requiring different investigative strategies.

It is important to note that oftentimes, the state will pit one parent against the other. Investigators may use accusations to force you apart. They may try to convince you that the only way to show you love your child is to turn against the accused parent.

We want you forewarned that living apart may be the best way to prevent your children being placed in foster care during an investigation. We will, however, work diligently to argue your case and help keep your family together.

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