Administrative Law

Jonathan A. Gladstone

A trained lawyer isn't just useful for your courtroom proceedings. Any time you find yourself before a governmental tribunal with the power to make important decisions over your life, an experienced advocate can help to ensure that your interests are protected.

If your future includes administrative law proceedings, call the Law Offices of Jonathan Gladstone. We have offices conveniently located in both Annapolis and Glen Burnie, Maryland:

  • Motor Vehicle Administration: We can represent you before the Motor Vehicle Administration if you have been threatened with license suspension due to DWI/DUI or accumulation of excessive points.
  • Division of Unemployment Insurance: If you have been denied unemployment compensation, we can help you with the appeals process. Whether you were denied compensation due to an initial determination that you actually chose to quit working, that your reasons for quitting work were unjustified or that you were actually fired for cause, contact us.
  • Department of Social Services: We can assist you if you have been accused of child abuse or neglect. These accusations can have long-lasting consequences; in addition to the potential for state interventions with your family relations, a finding of child neglect may prevent you from working with young people in the future.
  • Maryland Home Improvement Commission: If you have encountered difficulties with housing contractors who have failed to fulfill their contractual obligations, we can represent you before the Maryland Home Improvement Commission. The MHIC has established a fund specifically to compensate consumers when housing contractors don't properly complete work; we'll make sure you get what you're entitled to receive.

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