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Divorce rates can be correlated with job choices

A Maryland couple's likelihood of divorce could be related to their jobs, research has found. Using statistics from the 2015 American Community Survey, researchers looked at which jobs have higher rates of divorce. Perhaps unsurprisingly, people with careers involving nightlife or a large amount of travel have some of the highest divorce rates in the country.

When mediation is not a good option for a couple

At some point, a Maryland couple may decide that it is time for the marriage to end. Once this decision has been made, the couple will need to decide how they want to actually go about getting the divorce. One popular method for dissolving a marriage is to go through mediation. While it certainly has its advantages, mediation is not for everyone.

Closing a joint bank account while divorcing

When Maryland couples are heading toward divorce, some of the challenges can be not only emotional but also practical. Even when a split is amicable, shared assets can often lead to confusion. This can be especially true with joint bank accounts, especially when both parties have bills or other automatic payments connected directly to the account.

Keeping the marital home in a divorce

Maryland couples who are going through a divorce may be concerned about what marital property they may get to keep when the divorce is finalized. One of the main goals for many is the family home, especially if there are children involved. While the decision to try and retain ownership of the home is often made for emotional reasons, those wanting the home should step back and determine if this is a financially sound decision.

Divorce rates high among military personnel

Military families in Maryland could be at increased risk of divorce according to U.S. Census Bureau statistics. First-line enlisted military supervisors, who coordinate enlisted military personnel activities and lead operations, have the highest divorce rates according to the census data.

Divorce and common misconceptions

Some Maryland couples who are getting a divorce may not realize that they cannot save money by using the same attorney. An attorney can only represent one party in such a proceeding. Another common misconception is that child support is easy to determine. While there are state child support guidelines and calculators available, a number of factors may be involved in this calculation ranging from how income is determined to taking expenses into account.

The deductible nature of alimony

When a Maryland couple gets a divorce, there are several factors that govern the tax treatment of alimony. Under the Internal Revenue Code, the person making alimony payments can deduct them while the recipient has to include the payments in income. However, there are a few requirements that need to be met, and a 2017 U.S. Tax Court case illustrates this.

The link between unemployment and divorce

Maryland couples might be more likely to divorce if the husband does not work full time. According to a study conducted by a Harvard sociology professor, a wife's economic independence has little bearing on whether or not her marriage lasts. Household chores also do not appear to be an issue. However, in any given year, if a husband worked full time, the marriage had a 2.5 percent chance of ending in divorce. If the husband only worked part time, the likelihood rose to 3.3 percent.